Crashing after hitting Ready in Ranked 1v1

I'm trying out ranked 1v1 with the start of the new competitive mode, and I'm getting a lot of crashes when I hit the "Ready" button after selecting the stances and placement of all of my ships.

Here were all the files in today's crash dump folder and the dxdiag:

2_1554520198829_UE4Minidump.dmp 1_1554520198828_CrashReportClient.ini 0_1554520198828_CrashContext.runtime-xml 0_1554520210096_DxDiag.txt

im getting that with orks when i bring the cannon abiltys

@sn1percat Wow yeah I should have mentioned that. I was using the Shokk Attack Kannon. Sounds like you could be onto something!

@whitehawke does not happen all the time but seems more common and whilst some matches are fine i find if i am up against certain players it always crashes which is odd