Performance and "Optimization" have gotten worse!

My PC Specs:
GTX 1070
WIN10 (64bit)
normally playing at 2K BUT read below..

After the 1.1.4 patch and hotfix, Insurgency: Sandstorm runs like absolute garbage, again. The game has gone up and down with performance and optimization, and I am seriously fed up with it. Every time a new update is pushed, new issues are introduced. I ran the game on 1080p, w/ lowest setting mid-match to see if my performance would improve. Not one bit. Actually, for a moment while running between buildings, it was worse than what I observed before dropping my settings. It still stuttered the same as if it were 2K, custom (mid-high) settings! Quitting the game for now until the next update to see if anything performance-wise has improved. This is just getting ridiculous.