Notepad++ plug-ins not in the 3rdParty folder

I just had to re-install the editor a couple days ago and now I need to re-install the ST plug-ins but when I go to the 3rdParty/Notepad++ folder, the whole Notepad++ program is in there and I don't know what files to move over for the plug-ins. I even tried using the program in that folder but the plug-ins aren't there in the plugins dropdown menu. Can you please correct this so I can use the plug-ins again.


I looked at the dropdown list where the plugins are and I was wrong about them not being in the NP++ version that's in the folder. I just seen that they're renamed to MudRunner Plugins. My Bad. I was looking for them to be at the bottom like before. I still don't know which files to move over to my version of NP++, tho.

EDIT: I just tried to move the 3 files from the plugins folder and it works in NP++ now. They didn't the other day. I don't know if they work with the editor yet, tho. Fingers crossed.

EDIT2: Happy to say that the plugins work with the editor.

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