Problem with billboard on a new tree I made

Has anyone made a tree for the game, yet, that knows about this problem? I took and made a new tree out of the old ST 'pine_dry_a' and when placed in the game, the game creates a 'Billboards' mesh and this is what it looks like in game. This is the first plant I've ever made and not sure what the problem is.

Does anyone know about this?

Do I have to create the mesh myself so it works correctly?


These disappear when I get closer to the tree but I shouldn't see that. It doesn't show on the other trees. Anybody know about this?


This is how it should look.


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i'm not to sure with the right answer, I had the same issue, but it wasn't till recently when i started updating older maps that i noticed the Billboards, the folder it should have a picture of a tree with the same name as your classes/model xml i ended using a Minecraft Oak sapling texture lol to replace the one of the Old fern model

rough rider actually took the palm trees and others from BeamNG and didnt had this issue, you should check his Jungle map (scenic trails) steam files

edit: you have also a missing ground texture too

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Considering the new trees look charred, the black burnt ground texture might be intentional... ?

Yes, the ground texture isn't working. not my map tho. I'm helping someone with one and he said the material didn't show up. I dunno why as I'm not working on it.

Thanks for the answer on the billboard. I was thinking about the image folder for billboards too but I said screw it and made it a static model instead. Problem solved. I'll figure that out later when I have more time. Gotta figure out how to make a newly made tree work with a distribution because it didn't show up in the list of plants. I'm guessing it needs to be added somewhere.

Thanks again.

@forces @tattoo I'll be happy to share my files of the trees with you if you wanna take a look. Someone else made them for me.

@roughrider, Yes, I'd like to see how they're setup. Thanks. I'm thinking this happened because there was not a billboards folder in the maps mod folder so it wasn't able to show it. Since it's not my map, I can't check it but will test it myself with a map that I make.