The problem with competitive.

The problem is team balancing and wait times. Probably both due to low player count. But even when there was no trouble finding a comp match it still seemed like balancing didn't exist. (a 5 stack going up against a bunch of lvl 20s)

There needs to be a level barrier to get into comp. I think 20-25 would be reasonable BUT there just aren't enough players to actually implement that.... atm it would only make it worse...

The problems just compound eachother. Low player count means more wait time, more wait times means fewer players. Fewer players means less balanced teams (assuming team balancing actually works with higher player count)
Finally less balanced teams means less experienced players rage quit because they get stomped on. WHich means even FEWER players.

That's right, and I'm so tilted already. Almost every pro player has his team, and they usually play together (which is fair, since they want to train as a team). But this is SO UNFAIR for the rest of players!!! Since there are low players in the game, they can't match teams against teams, so most of players have to face disgusting unbalanced matches.

As OP said, many times you have low levels in your team (less than lvl 15), while the enemy team is a whole premade party of pro players over level 150.

Competitive should have been handled like Ins 2014.

The game was released, a number of updates happened, and a community coalesced around the game once it stabilized.

I can't imagine taking competitive seriously given the current state of the game, and the low player counts are only going to make the experience of competitive frustrating and off-putting for an already small player base.

I can definitely see this game being better as a competitive shooter than Ins 2014, but the baseline game experience needs to be tightened up and the player base brought back before competitive will be viable.