40mm LMT Loadout

For one of the next patches what would be the possibility of including a 40mm LMT Launcher as a secondary instead of a pistol but only have it for 3 x smoke load out as the under barrel is only available on a few rifles, therefore you could have a FAL for instance and an LMT which would allow you to smoke long to advance. With this advantage you would forfeit a pistol.

Not sure there should be a separate smoke-launcher, when you can just equip smoke grenades if you want that basically..

I would however want them to put in the option for those that have launchers equipped, to equip "40mm grenade bandoliers", so if you are the Demolitions class you could get more explosive 40mm ammo by equipping a 40mm explosive grenade bandolier, or Rifleman class for instance having access to 40mm smoke grenade bandolier etc.