All skills should be unlocked in Multiplayer mode.

Hi there,

As a complete new player I feel that the multiplayer experience is unfair to others like myself. The reason for this being that players who have played the game for longer will have access to wider range of skills available for each faction (microwarp jump, etc). This means they will have an inherent advantage as they will have access to not only a wider range of skills that can be used strategically when knowing who your opponent is but arguably more "powerful" or "must have" abilities (ie microwarp jump).

For this reason it has been extremely frustrating for the first 5 hours of my multiplayer matches. I constantly find myself matched against more experienced opponents.

I concede that I require much more time to learn the finesse of fleet control and battle strategy but at least give me the same tools to play with to level the playing field and give us newbie players a bit of a chance against those more skilled and experienced.

I understand the need for "unlockables" to keep players interested and this unlock system is also acceptable for the campaign. However in not giving all players access to all abilities you are going to make the first few hours of multiplayer difficult. Yes you can skirmish the computer but that should not be a solution for an oversight in your player community management strategy.

Please give all players, regardless of their fleet level, access to all skill abilities. It creates a more fair and fun environment which will keep players like myself feeling that we have to only get better at the game, not have the correct unlocks available to defeat players because we've not spent enough time grinding.

I agree with your point and wanted to give you just a small advice to bypass the system.

play mirror SP skirmishes, where you take the cheapest line ship of your fleet only. if you set the difficulty to something lower than normal and play a mirror match, the AI won't have enough points to afford a legal fleet and you win by default (the AI gets the same amount of points your fleet have with a difficulty modifyer). level up until you have unlocked what you need for your build to play MP.

agreed they did this because a lot of silly people said we need some reward for playing like in the 1st game so they did this instead of stopping you from getting large ships till high lvl but yea its a pain and its not good in a competitive game, whilst most skills are good there are some in certain matchups that are vital i.e. orks with tractor and shock cannon as without that a 1/2 way competent eldar will own you every time.
See @Fosil post for the work around.

Same here. I'm a casual player who plays few games a week, when my game isn't stuck on offline mode. And the time required to unlock the skills is too long in my opinion.

It's frustrating to be reap off by abilities you can't have and you've never heard of.