INS Map level planned and development begun, [WIP]

topic for community artists, which includes refereces imagesfor design team being built, and blueprint images plus basic 3d model of Estate Mansion for the Map Level:

To get the most from this discussion, please visit the above link, i have a friend joined on Doscord who models and paints, however the workload on an Unreal Engine 4 Map Level is very complicated, and requires multiple participants, with different areas of skill.

I am a 3D Modeller, with UVW Unwrap an complex instancing skill, including Level Of Detail resolution obects and HLOD objects. Also APEX Destrction will be active in the level, meaning when you call in a mortar strike, collaspable walls and roofs will drumble upon impact.

Interactive Foliage is being evaluated as it will dynaically displace as your player moves through the tallGrass and can give away your position.

Security measures, like SearchLights, security cameras that relay the feeds to remotely located display monitors, and electric fencing are planned and being evaluated as well.

I know there are mod developers out there with so much knowledge and skill, i think Insurgency can be a great place to gather, and support the game, while building amazing mods... while i have always loved the weapons, skins and equipment and character mods in INS 2, it's realy difficult to surpass the level of replayability map level's bring to the games.

While this project is in its infancy, it would be excellent to hear what people have to say about the concept, and if anyone would like to participate in the development, please leave a message here, or join Wyked Games Development Den on Discord @:

Thank you to NWI, and the INS community.

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As an aside, i have neglected to mention any terms of getting involved with the dev group...

Any assets (models, textures, blueprints, code, etc.) you create remain YOUR intellectual property. You can use them wherever you like, they do not get absorbed by the group, they will simply function as a part of the Map Level and can be encrypted within the Editor... The level will be built in a modular format, thus allowing aspects related only to map geometry to be built, then handed off to an artist to implement BluePrints or Code, and the same geometry Project level can be sent to a particvle FX artist, texture artist, and cinematics artist separately.

TL;DR any section of the Map Level can be built and sent to any artist, and the stored assets can be added to a Final Project at Release-Time. Nobody but you, the artist, owns anything you have created, besides yourself, at any time.

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made some decent progress [Dumping in assets (models)] and configuring geometry, lighting build is Pretty-Bad...

normals-baking-ready models:

Older Models:

Official SoundTrack Example: :

O}ne of my Aliases, is DJ LFD 😉

new to imgur, image views within the topic, are not working atm... pls click links, TY.

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We now have 4 Memebrs, spanning 3d Design, Texture painting, BluePrint animation, and Level Diesgn, General!

we're pretty satisfied with the team chemistry, but don't let that worry you, we're friendly 😉

small sample of basic first-pass texture from scratch:

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Ready to get Feedback on a SoundCue Music Score i made on 10th anno 9/11:

🤤 aww yess... cant wait....

ate, drank, and was merry:

Finally got to dropping the roof of some sections that have terraces instead of 2 levels, and built the room Boolean Operation outlines fir the first floor...:

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Not to be Pre-Emptive, but the night Level version should look smnthg like this:

Got a Very, Very Basic outline in Unreal Editor 4: YouTube: INS-SheiksEstatePre-Viz

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implemented Interactive Grass, that spreads away from the player when navigating through... the WatchTower's Searchlight Patrol Pattern Can find you in it this way..

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We need a new sinjar and ministry map so much tbh. Those are the best maps from Insurgency with Sinjar being a classic from Insurgency modern combat!

I know both of those maps well, and i'm sure someone already has the map geometry, ready to remodel/add detail!

Don't worry, those will come.

That really looks interesting !
Infra red search light on guardtowers. I like the idea.
How do they act ? Will they be just static or will they move and search the surrounding ?
And what happens if they illuminate a target ? Do they lock on that threat ?

the searchlight is animated as a skeletal mesh at the moment, it has a semi-complex patrol, not linked to BluePrint coding yet... It should Stop to LockOnTarget if it detects someone.

I'm working with a reverted, solid beat atm.

@depleted - remember when it was nearly impossible to take A much less defend it.

@max80 said in INS Map level planned and development begun, [WIP]:

@depleted - remember when it was nearly impossible to take A much less defend it.

Ministry had the Mosque hallway and apartments to the right, IIRC?

that was one of my,s running the M249SAW and just mowing defenders down lol.. good times.

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@reason3d said in INS Map level planned and development begun, [WIP]:

Not to be Pre-Emptive, but the night Level version should look smnthg like this:

This is gorgeous from this POV!

TY... building the mansion interior is the task i've been focusing on... working alone is painfull lol... but the exterior, if nobody joins a Mod Dev Group, then i will build it.

It is a very nice rendition, and i'm sure the NVG's coming will make it Bad-Azz!