Giant rock glitch on load drop

Does anyone know of an easy way to find out what's causing it? My game has done it for a long time now, but it has only recently started to be a nuisance to me.

I just don't want to have to reinstall all my mods again one at a time to find out which one is giving me issues if i don't have to.

@ssvqwnp Not sure. I've never seen this on my PC but I've seen reports of the issue. I'd search the bug support forum and maybe contact the people who've had the issue.

If I got it correctly, your problem is that if you tip your truck and drop your load, it turn into (several) rocks instead of logs.

99 of 100 that is caused by some MOD.

@ssvqwnp Idk, maybe find this one mod that contains that giant rock and remove it.

I guess my game is due for a refresh anyway... I can't even do the challenges since the 2nd one crashes immediately.

not sure if you got things fixed or not, but just saw this a bit ago.
unload rock spawn

@8up-local I Uninstalled a few mods that I thought might have something to do with it, but I thought it might be a truck instead of a map... So far, removing a truck hasn't fixed it.

I searched around for a fix before I posted here but I didn't come across that thread you posted. I will test it later and get back with you. I think I have both of the maps mentioned installed.

Thanks for the heads up, btw.

@8up-local Uninstalling West Virginia seems to have fixed my problem... Thanks a bunch! It would have taken me ages to figure that out on my own, I'm sure.