More realistic clothing options for Insurgents

I think you guys should add black/dark clothing back into the game or at least some old Ins terrorist kind of clothing because the terrorists in sandstorm are pretty weird and you can't take em serious, walking around in their red/white addidas suit or purple t-shirts,

My suggestions: Add Vests for Insurgents black/dark green that can be worn on top of a t-shirt.
make the balaclava look more intimidating, the current one looks like a blob fish.
Bring back the compleatly black items (cargo pants, hoodie, and loose fit/knot headwear).

its funny you say that

there used to be a full black Keffiyeh type head cloth in the alpha and beta but they removed it, its a shame is it looked great

looked similar to this but no pattern and full black i dont know the reason why they removed it? can any of the moderators fill us in on that?0_1554313935437_Red-Black-Shemagh-Tactical-Desert-Keffiyeh-Arab.jpg

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agreed 100%. Those bright and shiny cloths doesn't look good

@b4ndo Yes, I know, I used them in the Alpha and found it pretty stupid that they just remove the black clothes because you could be hidden in dark spots too well, but this is just dumb. I mean the security side literally has camouflage uniforms.

@b4ndo Oh and yeah they also had black cargo pants and hoodies in the alpha

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These are the character models from the old Insurgency, just take a look at them. And now think about the cosmetic items you get in Sandstorm...

So what do we have here? The guy with heavy armor even has camouflage, a lot.
the medium armor guy has a black long sleeved shirt and black pants.
The guy with no armor has a black T-shirt

So why can't you use this kind of clothing in sandstorm?
Its like playing Ins2 with wacky mods that make the terrorists look colourful...

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Your variants of insurgents really look great, but to be honest they look too similar to security forces uniforms ( too many green and olive color tones ).

The idea of Sandstorm´s characters is the individualization possibilities on both sides.
Each player can customize his character and therefore will be able to be identified by his teammates ( friends ) without reading his name ( labels ).

Who cares that there are blue / red / yellow / pink and purple clothes that are totally unrealistic ?
I can understand that you might say that in PvP the insurgents have a disadvantage on the battlefield because the security forces have green/olive camouflage and therefore cannot be detected as good as the bright and colorfull insurgents clothes. Yes, you are right. But this is no gamebreaker.

Did you know that a lot of people play this game with labels turned off ? ( including me )
It´s an immersion breaker to see all the names and friendly markers hovering over the characters.
I prefer to raise the degree of difficulty in this game and i achieve that by playing on custom servers with higher bot counts and also by turning labels off.
This helps to slow the overall gamespeed down and makes me concentrate on uniform colors.
This game already suffers from run and gun tactics of many young players who like the COD style of gameplay.
It´s more a racing game to the next mission objective instead of a coordinated attack by a squad in close formation where teammates cover and care for each other.
In coop matches the developers even should deactivate the damn scoreboard because it ruins the teamplay.

Whenever i play Insurgency (2014 ) i am forced to play with labels on, to be able to identify my teammates, because all characters look the same.
I am very thankfull that we have Sandstorm now ! It is definatly the better game.

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@gsg_9_lightning - I think we need more black on insurgents clothing. it more closely resembles isis wear gear ive seen in news photos. I know its not ALL they wear but for publicity purposes it seems to be the direction they go.

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@gsg_9_lightning Thats not the point, I poted the old Insuregent models to show how they also were able to be camouflaged, Sandstorm is trying to prevent hiding with dark clothing but it worked compleatly fine in old Insurgency with the black/dark green clothing. I get your point that you have to see who is a teammate and who isn't, but removing black cosmetics doesn't help.


This is as dark as your gonna get, so why didn't they compleatly remove all the black stuff? you can still use the head glitch with a balaclava and be hidden very well, so why not a Keffiyeh in black? would have the same purpose and the addidas stuff, they probably kept them in because it had the noticable white stripes.

So they want one side to have desert and forrest camouflage but the insurgents have to be easily detectable, make no sence.

i would love to see this type of clothing and hey0_1554396807405_taliban.jpg ! its not black 😃

@b4ndo Oh totally all honesty I was expecting this and was a little let down I didnt see any of these type of garments available to us. It was really upsetting. Yours look more like the images I saw of the Taliban in the Afghan war. Images of isis typically have black. Isis Does go black more often than not. At least the higher ups.

0_1554397042438_images.jpg 0_1554397046538_ISIS-1.jpg 0_1554397049534_ISIS1_954337809605.jpg

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yes this man very sexy

i agree dude, but i think they may have issues with the "isis" look, your right about the taliban garb and zayzeks pic of his tracksuit black insurgent was a very common look back in 1993 when i was stationed in bosnia,

even if we had some more "general looking typical insurgent" type clothing and headgear it wouldnt upset the "you know who" brigade

@b4ndo I know what you mean, I don't want the Insurgents to look like isis members.
I just want them to look like an organisation on Insurgents to be taken seriously, we don't need all full on black cosmetics so everyone runs around in black.

The point of this is that they add more old Insurgency type clothing.

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@b4ndo I agree completely. I guess we should leave this one to workshop not put NWI in that kind of spotlight to have to answer for anything. ANYTHING.

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@max80 The workshot will be its own topic, im saying they should focus on putting in more old Insurgency type clothing for the next content update, I mean they do work on new cosmetics, I just don't want the new cosmetics to be worse that the ones now. So less colourful.

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@max80 And workshop would not be allowed on every server.

When I want to play the machine gunner, I take him all white clothes. 😃

There are many occasions where the bright colors act as urban camo. One thing I'd like to see is the ability to choose your outfit in game. We never know which map we'll get so we don't know what type of camo we need.