Weapon skins like Day of Infamy

A system similar to Day of Infamy would be awesome so if you get a certain amount of kills your weapon will look worn out

Edit: You shoud be able to unequip the skin if you don't want or like it.

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I'm not a fan of getting 'x' amount of kill/headshots with 'y' weapon. At least allow us to purchase new cosmetics in-game currency.

@ldclaudius why not? this would show what your main weapons are and not those you just bought

I would LOVE to unlock new skins for using my favorite weapons!

At the moment there are no unlocks besides clothing. Having unlockable weapon skins based on kills and headshots is honeslty a ton of fun, it gives you a goal to reach and makes you play more.
Being able to use the in game currency for this would also be fine. But it would be nice to have some sort of challenges.

Anything that lets you customize your character/weapons would be a welcome addition.

Anything that gives you something to work towards is also a welcome addition.