Stuck on map loading screen

I'm getting stuck on the Map-loading-screen. Nothing happens when loading reach 100%. I can hear others players moving & talking, but i'm freezed since i get the message "Kicked from server: Anti-Cheat Authentification timed out (1/2)".
Usually, it's not occuring when I play the first game, but most of the times, I can't play 2 games in a row.

  • I deactivated all firewalls & anti-virus (computer and router).

  • I checked Windows Events Logs & Steam logs, but nothing seems related.

  • Easy-anti cheat doesn't seem to have logs.

  • I found a CrashReportClient.pak file (28 mo) in the game folders, but the file (it's modification date) is not updated when i get the issue.

Note : it might be linked to internet connection speed/lag. I tried with a fiber-optic connection and got no problem.
Of course, I don't have any af these problems with others online games.

My DxDiag : 0_1554303005804_DxDiag.txt

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should try deleting the config folder from: "[Installition Drive Letter]X:\Users\WidowsUserName\AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved.. .Delete the entire Config folder.

And also try: "Windows Start"->Run: and type: %TEMP% and press Enter ... it will open your TEMP Folder, press Ctrl+A to Select All, and hit the Delete key, cleaning the cache.

Hope this helps.

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Problem solved since thursday afternoon, before I patched my game.
Maybe you did something on the servers, but it's OK now.

Thanks a lot for this amzing game. Keep going.

I have a similar problem, but I can't even go to the main menu

I have the same issue. "unable to sign in to New World Services". I was kicked while playing, and now I can't get in the game at all.
Tried to turn off firewall. Checked game integrity of game files twice. Deleted Temp folder. Restarted multiple times.
Still does not work.

the 100 procent stuck is server side. Nwi side. not somting you can fix