When braking the weight goes back

I already noticed this in some mods, the normal when braking is the vehicle to lower the front and lower back when it is going backwards, but in some mods to step forward and brake the rear lowering and walking backwards the front lowering when braking .
Why does it happen? What should be changed to make it normal?

There have been other things that are backwards kinda like that where an axle will flex the wrong way and the problem there was the axle bone was rotated. That's the only thing I can think of. So check the ChassisBone, or whatever it's named, and see if it is rotated 180°.

Most of the New Users have a CenterOfMassOffset of -1 in the Y axis and that causes that issues, im my mods i stay in between -0.4 and -0.6 going lower than that is just Unrealistic

Yeah I've seen this alot whilst converting random old st mods and it's always the centre of mass set way too low. It creates a kind-of pendulum effect which effectively reverses the weight shift