Another Entrenchment Request!!!

Please give us an entrenchment game mode. NOT protect a cache...a real entrenchment style game mode. a building complete with places for the lucky S O B who has the saw to really bipod out in windows or sandbag bunkers and shine. Basically a vip in that game mode that must be protected and actually covered during reloads. Commanders will need extended support options maybe have certain supports refill after X amount of waves. If a chopper is shot down maybe the option for it to come back can be longer.

"Food for thought" - I think during the drive in it would be cool if a truck in front of ours got hit with an RPG forcing us to stop thus starting the entrenchment until help arrives. (essentially requesting you guys make use of that cut scene of us in the back of the trucks before each match), add in some mission orders, details of the map, rpg attack, anything to help immersion and get into character.... It strikes me as a missed opportunity you didn't do that.

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Hey there @Max80
Thanks for the suggestion, we have passed this on to the dev team! 🙂

@jellyfoosh Thank you Jellyfoosh! Here's hoping it comes to fruition!