Wepons reskins

What if weapons had reskins that will change the weapon's appearance but not the stats for example fal would look like fal para or ak 74 like ak74m and it all would be customisable but with out csgo like skins.

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You pretty much just described what modding looks like for the previous Insurgency game, and will likely look like for Sandstorm once it's available.

But for ps4 and xbox too

@miki1911 i wouldn't hold my breath for a release this year. It's still wicked buggy on the pc and the dev team needs alot of time for refinement and polishing first

I know but still can't wait for it.

I believe it's already planed or at least considered. If I remember correctly, the devs said they wanted to add non-crazy camos/cosmetics to the guns to preserve authenticity and realism. I think they'd like it to be part of the customization system we already have...

If a dev/community manager/moderator could confirm this, that'd be cool.