"Unable to sign in to New World services."

Hello NWI

I got this message when I started Sandstorm today (following picture)0_1554220366914_Screenshot_11.jpg
Edit: Restarting the Computer fixes it.

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Hello @Zayzek

Did this just happen today or have you encountered this issue before?

Hi 🙂 !
Sorry for the inconvenience : Steam is having some troubles right now since it's maintenance day. The game doesn't have any offline mode so it tends to go down when Steam does. If you run into this again, you can check if you are online on Steam and restart your Steam Clients.

@chaton I just happened today, I just now got kicked out of the server for 2 different reasons, Lost connection to server and failed to do steam audentification or something like this, I tried restarting the game and now I got this 0_1554222321970_Screenshot_12.jpg

@chaton Oh, yeah my antivirus (avira) had an update today

i had the "anti cheat violation" kick last night when i selected commander class from demolitions
i doubt that was the cause but i still cant figure out what caused it ive only got the standard windows defender

i had to restart pc to be able to sign in to the game again as normal

@b4ndo could be your anti virus, I've been getting kicked for this as well but a PC restart fixed it.