Gun Loadout

Just a general thought, a way to customise your gun out of game would be awesome. I feel like there's not too much to do while in menus.

The loadouts get saved in %localappdata%\Insurgency\Saved\SaveGames\Profile\Theater.json

If we had a listing of the weapons, attachments, and classes, it could be done.

Probably not going to happen until we get a mod kit (or a better look inside the game files).

This would be awesome.. especially if there were more options for weapon customization. Like camouflages, wear and tear, laser color, red dot color. Lets face it people LOVE personalizing their weapons.

@kronin - the only reason I haven't used this feature is that I feel rushed before games to use it and I can't access it in the menu.

Furthermore - I would like the option to be able to set a default loadout for queueing and one for unlimited supply points. There is rarely an in between and this seems to address the bulk of the issues to come regarding loud outs. It would handle the bulk of the work choosing everything ahead of time and small adjustments are nothing to complain about should we need to.

Good Thought!

Edit - I am ok with this one going into the parking lot however and addressing maps and guns for now. NOT trying to knock your idea Kronin but we have a serious issue with lack of maps and guns.

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