Bubbles? (SOLVED)

sup guys,

so im trying to get this 1st gen rubi wheel to have smooth faces when i load in to editor cause i noticed it was blocky, so i go back selected all faces, went to smoothing groups, clear all, autosmooth. Bada bing bada boom right? Looks great in max, but wheni load into editor its all bubbly? First time ive ever seen any mesh do this, so i dont know what to do to fix it. I imported another wheel into the scene and loaded it into editor and it looks fine, so it must be related to mesh? I really want to use this wheel so i dont just want to use something else.

wheel in max after smoothing groups

loaded in editor

Also I tried UV mapping to fix, and it bubbled immediately in max when i unwrapped uvws. Im stumped.

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@terminatorx58, When you change the smoothing in max, do you see a change right away? If not, try this. Select all of the polygons and detach them all. Then get out of the modify tab and delete the original.

Now change the smoothing on the new mesh and it should work. I can't say why this happens cuz I don't know but this trick works for me. If not, send me the file and I'll take a look.

You also may have to change the number, 45, to something lower. Try 30-35 if it still looks wrong.

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i do not make mods, so i am talking out of my arse really, but looks like it is getting "over" smoothed to me. if that makes sense. i have seen people smooth body panels so much that they turn "bubbly" after doing it. am probably wrong though as usual. 🤔

@8up-local, No, you are correct but it's an easy fix, usually. One just has to change the angle number, which is set to 45 by default, to something lower. The number 45 is the degree in which a smoothing group is changed when a 45° angle is found. So if the corners/angles are lower, like 30°, the number 45 needs to be changed to 30 or lower to work correctly for the angles of the mesh.

I hope I explained that simply enuf to understand.

But the problem the OP is having seems to be the problem I explained above. Some meshes won't change at all, in Max, when changing smoothing groups. I've seen it many times and don't know why or how to fix that other than what I explained above. It's a simple solution that works. For me any way.

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Reduced polygon angle as Tattoo instructed and that fixed it!

Thanks again @Tattoo