Customize Loadout in main menu

It would be great If we can customize our load out gear in the main menu instead of the beginning or middle of the game. Its more convenient and don't want to take like 3-5 minutes in the game trying to figure out what type of gear I should use in battle. Please implement this!

Sorry @Panchirito but i disagree here.
I can understand that you want to have the choice in main menu but every ( custom server ) has it´s own amount of equipment points and you are forced to screw your configuration on each different server. On the right side of your configuration screen you have the possibility to save your different setups and if you take your time only once to save the various setups you can choose your favourite primary and secondary weapon with the predefined buttons with just one click.
Additionally choosing the chest carrier, armour and grenade types really takes only 20 seconds ( plus, minus 10 seconds )

The NWI developers should concentrate on more important things like bugfixing and implementing custom maps instead of wasting time with such a thing you asked for.
Sorry but this game is loosing playerbase everyday because of the many things which are not working proper enough --- >

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If the right side of my configuration screen have the possibility to save my different setup whats stopping us from having a feature to save a setup in the main menu. I understand that every custom server has it different rules but what I want is to have a feature for the purpose you disagree. If this was implemented I can save my loadout for any game or other purposes in the main menu.

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I'd like to see this too. There was a placeholder for exactly this in the beta, but it never got added for some reason.

In the meantime, you can launch a local game and save loadout presets there.