Community server options

Will the option to remove/turn-off the scoreboard be available in community servers admin abilities? I would love to play on those servers. I have always advocated having that option done away within the pve community servers. And though the following would be small probably it would make for a pace within the game I enjoy. Not even bothering to touch on the obvious, the "crowd" it would bring.

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I also support this idea.
Playing as a team/squad should be in foreground and NOT the individual score/kill rate.

People would move in a tighter formation instead of spreading out and going lone wolf just to get the most kills out there.
Keeping the death rate of any teammember as low as possible should be prioritized in any coop mission !

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the dudes have collected some settings, but I haven't tested them yet...
look for ScoreboardConfig...

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@lt_delay - Well one can only hope this comes to fruition.