flip scope for coop

why not offer this on coop for whatever points the devs think suitable... ? 0_1554021351250_2x red dot flip.jpg

I would love to have such a scope in COOP games but it might end up with making the rest of the scopes useless.

feature is wanted since early beta days and maybe before... 🙄

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@gsg_9_lightning well, you might prevent rendering all the rest virtually useless by asking a very high price for it ...

I had this feature in the Source version using SourceMod.

There was no FTS animation on the weapon, but a key could be bound to switch between 3x and 1x magnification.

The idea that the game has to artificially make the players' job harder by making the equipment less useful as a balance mechanic doesn't hold water for me.

Not this again... Let modders take care of that when the time comes...
Let's not make this game balance breaking stuff officially in. Even only for coop would be OP.

Wanna have an alternative to your 2x scope when inside buildings ? Use a secondary weapon or grab a primary on the ground. Adapt. When modders take care of this demand(and I believe they will, just like in Insurgency 2014), everyone will be happy.

Well, given that it's been out for like 6 months and still no mod kit, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask.

The question I have is why does having a selectable zoom make it overpowered?

To me it just seems like a quality of life thing, so that a player can choose to have a weapon set up for close/mid range, rather than needing to transition to a secondary.

It seems right in line with a CQC tactical shooter, and while I agree that its benefit should have a price, I believe it's not a game-breaking mechanic at all.

@jballou I don't have time to say it all again, but debates already happened more than once.

You can read everything here :