I know that Squads and formations is not gonna happen. But im wondering if you guys could implement a Mechanic that makes the ships you tie up to a hotkey adopt the speeds of the slowest ship in that hot key group.

Example You tie up 2, Iconoclasts and Carnagers with a Repulsive Grand Cruiser.

The Grand Cruiser can only go 160. So the Iconoclasts and Carnagers match speeds with the Repulsive. Also when an All Ahead full Maneuver is givin the faster ships should only burn to the top speed of the Heavies ship in that Key group.

Now if you Manually click on the iconoclast and give them their own hotkey Or remove their Grouping they will start Accelerating to their usual speeds.

Its not Perfect But i think what people Struggle with the most is with the Heavies Catching up. It can be awkward and i must admit it is taxing.

With this change People will probably have a easier time maintaining their groups at the very least and it would satisfy the others that want formations because now its gottin alot easier for them to manage.

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