Shouldn't Pulsars have Precise?


The accuracy of pulsar weapons isn't displayed on their tooltips, and I've never seen one miss. I feel like these weapons should have the "Precise" trait that a lot of other lances have, but it was just left out for some reason? This appears to apply to ALL pulsars (for both Corsair and Asuryani). Is this an accidental omission, or is there something else we should know about how pulsar accuracy works?

@whitehawke Accuracy isn't displayed since they are beam weapons, meaning they fire a beam directly forward of the ship, it's a holdover from the bad old days when they were a skill and not a proper weapon.

@caliger_reborn Interesting. This tooltip still doesn't tell the player how likely the weapon is to hit though - which I feel like is a bad thing. Are there any other beam weapons in the game other than Pulsars?

@whitehawke The Demiurg Cutting Beam, but that's a skill, like the Pulsar used to be.
Basically you need to line it up, so if the gun is pointed at the target it will 100% hit, and if it isn't, it wont hit.

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Also the Tau Experimental Railgun (If you're in its path, it's an auto-hit).

For what it's worth @WhiteHawke, I agree. The tooptip not stating that it will always hit is a poor holdover from before, and is confusing for new players.

@caliger_reborn The pulsars are able to slightly adjust their aim within that 10 degree firing arc though, the Demiurge cutting beam doesn't appear to do this. To me, this means the pulsar is just a traditional lance with a 10 degree firing arc and the Precise trait.

Edit: After explanations from other helpful players, I think I understand the issue. @Jellyfoosh Can we get this tooltip updated to explain its hit chance?

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