ingame map replacement

Im poking around at replacing the ingame F1 map with an image, does anyone know where the game pulls this image file from?

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It doesn't seem like it's possible to display an image in its place. Not according to the information here anyway.

Check out the "Hand Edit the Navigation Map" section.

My current WIP map uses the height limit increase that's possible with the modded editor. It causes objects to display wrong on the in-game map though and that's why I'm trying to change this image. Or at least trying to figure out how to get the game to display the map properly. If you discover anything, please share it here as it may help to find a solution to my issue also. Thanks. 😀

with that info ive gotten the ingame map changed....just gotta figure out how to remove the height from the .dds....doing that will remove the maps height so. Brick wall

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