Settings never saved

Hi so whenever I boot up Insurgency the video settings and some game play settings are set to default. Meaning every time I boot the game I need to configure to Full screen mode, AA, Motion Blur etc. This isn't too bad but in conjunction with other bugs makes for an annoying gaming experience imo. I've tried reinstalling but to no avail. Any input would be appreciated.

I am not one of the tech guys but to me it sounds like the file containing all the video settings might have a read only ( write protection ) activated.
May be you check the files to allow write ( changes in video settings )

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@gsg_9_lightning I've been dealing with this issue for months now and you just fixed it. The GameUserSettings was set to read only for whatever reason. Thank you so much for helping me! Game on!

Your welcome buddy , glad that i could help you 😉