Uninstall DLC not working Xbox One

Had the sudden urge to play through The Surge once again on Xbox One (must be in the region of 10 times now... Great game by the way), however whilst I loved the base game and the Walk in the Park DLC, I wasn't that keen on the The Good, The Bad and the Augmented, and to a lesser extent the Fire and Ice DLC's.

I decided to uninstall these DLC's and start and new playthrough, however upon reaching the relevant areas of the game, the respective content still appeared in the game. I've even tried uninstalling everything and selective installing the parts I want, still the unwanted content appears.

Now, it's not the worst thing in the world, I just have to ignore those bits as I progress, but it does seem odd that uninstalling doesn't affect whether the content appears or not.

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be great, and thanks for the great game, looking forward to The Surge 2!

Het @Coheed1988,

Sorry for the late response. Have you followed the proper steps to uninstall these DLCs?
Can you also follow these steps and see if these DLCs are still in there?

Finding add-ons

For game add-ons—or DLC—the first place to check is in your games and apps (per above).
In your games list, focus on a game, press the Menu button  on your controller, and then select Manage game & add-ons.

Some add-ons are accessed in the game rather than installed separately. Any installable add-ons or DLC not yet installed will appear under Ready to install.

Thank you in advance!

Sadly this is the approach I took originally, I have repeated these steps to double check, and the uninstalled content continues to appear in the "Ready to Install" tab as suggested.

However, in game this content still appears.

Hey @Coheed1988,

Thanks for keeping us informed. I'll pass it on to the team to have more information!