Crashing on Loadout Screen

I absolutely love this game and rant and rave about it to all my friends, but I genuinely can't play it lately. Most times I hit the loadout screen, my game crashes as I switch weapons. It's mostly apparent on pipeline but happens on other maps too. Is there a workaround I can mess with somewhere in the .ini files? I hope this is a known bug.

I'd love to report an error code, but the game just flat freezes. It freezes to the point where I can't even access task manager and I have to restart my entire computer just to get the freeze to leave. It sucks because sometimes, I'll get lucky and pick an mp5 or something but then get hit by an opposing weapon which might have more range than me. I can't switch weapons for fear of freezing the game.

I hope this gets fixed. I'm sick of logging off early because I feel like I'm wasting my time rebooting every 10 minutes.

Reported this with another user in this thread... but got no answer yet.

I noticed this issue might be linked to internet connection speed... but that doesn't mean this is acceptable.

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Hey @boneDaddy308,

Thanks for pointing out this issue. Can you please upload your log, DxDiag and crash report files here?