why do you have to level to get skills?

i seriously don't get why essential skills are locked in skirmish battles because you haven't been grinding for ages. i know you can just select ai fleets with 0 fleet points in skirmish to make it go faster but still. the concept of needing to level so you can get skills that will literally improve your chances of winning gets so frigging annoying when you see other people using skills that you wish you also had cuz they give them such an advantage.

@measly Because the person that made this design choice doesn't know why most of us actually play the game. 🙂

Yeah its a pretty whack system and i dont believe it has a place in Strategy games.

This isnt a RPG platformer. Nothing wrong with a progression system in single player but in a pvp environment people should have all options. The portraits are the only thing we should need unlocking.

Its not like this grind amounts to anything its pointless if anything it makes people reluctant to try other factions because they will have to start over and fight people that got the abilities. It creates even inbalances in Mirror matches. You are more likely to lose in a IN VS IN if you dont have MWJ because your opponent can finally make effective use of a really beefy ship.

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It’s a vestigial mechanic from the fleet-building RPG-Esque skirmish mode from the first game.

The trouble was that as popular that mode was with the single player crowd (and rightfully too) it was a massive pain in multiplayer. They tried to make it more multiplayer friendly in this game with the current system, but it’s still a clear descendent of what came before without capturing the old feeling in singleplayer. A roundabout of compromises to make one mode for two different flavors of play. Understandable for a team with limited time and resources, still non-ideal for the players.

I think they directed most of their resources into the campaigns instead, which are quite good.

@themadtypist ranked solved that issue for MP in the first game already (everything is unlocked and you have a limited amount of reown to spend on your ships for a best of three battle with ship losses carrying over during a match). that mode was superior to what we have now.

It should be better if leveling was giving you 1 point, you can use to unlock the upgrade/skill that you want instead of having auto unlock of many upgrades, some of them are totally useless.
But anyway, in BFG1, the levelling system was done to increase the size and tonnage of ships so you had time to learn before reaching big battles. In BFG2, the levelling system is much more a way to force grind...

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@beernchips I think the leveling in the first game was much worse than this one, because having access to the full roster of ships is a bigger advantage than having upgrades, in most cases (obviously some upgrades are so poorly balanced that they are required). But yeah, leveling should be portraits only in this game, as many have already said.