MudRunner but with Barges and Towboats!

I have only recently started playing MudRunner and enjoy it a lot! What I have always wanted to see in a game seems nearly possible with some of the same basic concepts and some of the same game engine I would suppose, although I don't really know.

A game like .MudRunner but with rivers instead of roads and Barges and Towboats instead of trucks. You would haul coal, oil, wood chips, scrap metal and whatever up and down the inland waterways of America or other continents. A great start would be the Mississipp, Ohio, Tennessee and Tombigby Rivera from Pittsburgh to New Orleans and Mobile to Nashville. Navigation thru loch chambers and river channels. Challenges would include fast high water, hauling cargo tonnage and so on.

Maybe I'm crazy and the only one who has ever thought this would be fun?

That would be a very different game. It could even be added to MR if the devs desired it I suppose, or perhaps a modder could make a boat and see if the game supports it. I don't know that it would. You're the first one to mention it as far as I know!

Personally I don't find boats that exciting, but that could change if I started playing with them in MR and they worked well. BeamNG which is a driving simulator surprisingly has great support for other types of vehicles such as trains & airplanes because it uses real physics for everything. That may not be the case with MR.

I would REALLY like to see Towboats and Barges blended into MUD RUNNER. Combined together the possibility of unique scenarios could be endless. Operate a ferry to transport trucks across a river and use trucks to deliver goods to barge docks to get loaded onto barges and hauled down river to another dock where they are unloaded back ont local trucks fro final delivery.

@diggydog That I would like too. The survey we had recently actual asked about this, i.e. what type of vehicle you'd like to see next. I voted for a ferry boat. Those would be pretty awesome. In your original post it kind of sounded you wanted to replace trucks with boats, which isn't something I'd be interested in.

There used to be a mudrunner map with a working "boat," and i've seen a few amphibious trucks. The trucks weren't controllable in the water when i tried them, never got around to the boat map, but i'm sure it's the same.

i guess the devs patched that kinda stuff out..