How Do You make Inherited Mods For Mudrunner When--

I have a problem with mod making for a while. I see on the steam workshop that people have made altered versions of in-game trucks, like the Ural-4320 for example. And what I want to know is how to do that. I already have the knowledge of making simple class edits to mods, like adding some different wheels onto a truck, and then uploading it (In fact, I created the U.S.A. Tank Trucks Pack). But the main question for me is how to make model edits, or even texture edits. I've browsed the web for hours, multiple times, and there are no converters or editors that would help. When I say converter, I mean a program that would turn a extension-less file, and properly turn it into a .X file:

(I shorted the file name for the Chevy Bison so it would fit in the picture in case you are wondering)

I have not found a single program/method to give the extension-less file a .X file type. In the picture above you see that it looks like it worked but really I just changed the file name. As it might seem like that would work, it doesn't. If you just change the extension in the name, you'll get a error like this:


So if anyone has a program or method to share that would help me with my problem, please reply with it below.


This may not be correct but this is my understanding of how it works.

The extensionless bison file you are trying to use is a combination of the mesh .x file as well as the XML (maybe other things?) file that determines textures and mesh used.

You would need the source files in order to alter things like the texture of default vehicles/objects.

I've recently been trying to figure this out myself as I wanted to make skins for the default trucks and alter some object textures for my recently released map. I couldn't find a way without the source files though.

I think, but I'm not sure, that if we had at the very least the XML files we could include them with our mods and at least change textures. Then again, the game may ignore them and just use the defaults even in that case.

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Yes @PicSoul and @parkerbethke the source files are required to accomplish what you want to do.

you can inherit stock trucks and they will upload normally without the needs of the meshes
also the extensionless file its a mix and recode of the DirectX file and meshes, they can't be loaded with a X importer (non ascii or ascii) since the code has been changed to "protect them"
inheritng to the stock trucks its really easy
check the Short_Logs_Short xml file in the editor its pretty much explains it self but here is a quick guide

<_templates Include="trucks">
<_parent File="2009_jeep_JK" />
<PhysicsModel Mesh="trucks/Jeep_JK_Forces_W" />
<WinchSocket Pos="(1.876; 0.809; -0.0)" />
<WinchSocket Pos="(0.104; 0.753; -0.86)" />
<WinchSocket Pos="(0.104; 0.753; 0.86)" />
<WinchSocket Pos="(-1.759; 0.838; 0.0)" />
<WinchSocket Pos="(0.104; 0.753; -0.86)" />
<Socket Names="JKSpare" ParentFrame="Chassis_cdt" />
<Socket Names="JKFrontRack" ParentFrame="Chassis_cdt" />
<Socket Names="JKAdds" ParentFrame="Chassis_cdt" />
<Socket Names="JKTrailerW" Offset="(-1.99608;0.69122;0)" />

despite not being necesary you can leave the _templates callouts and the gamedata must be copied fully if you change any of the socket names, because they wont work at all if you dont copy it all again on the edited truck

pd this is from a mod of mine but it doesnt works on workshop mods, only full editor files or stock trucks (also doesnt work on AW dlc for some reason)

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@forces So in the class file for any truck I just have to write <parent File="______"> and it will work? I don't understand how that makes it so I can make a skin for a truck. I guess I've changed what my question overall. Now I am trying to figure out how I can texture the MAZ -7310 for a mod I am making.

@parkerbethke thats far more complicated and it involves taking the meshes of the game (rip the meshes of the game), thats a subject im not going into

and yeah <parent File="______"> just change the ___ to your classes file so you can edit the classes xml of the truck (it works with tires and addons too)