Is sandstorm supposed to release on PS4/Xbox One or will it be on the next gen hardware?

From jschreier post on resetera:

"Look, as I've been saying since roughly March 2018 (in this very thread), next-gen is coming in 2020. That Semiaccurate article saying 2018 (lol) got people's hopes up for 2019, but by now I hope it's clear that the PS5 ain't coming out this fall.

And, despite all the rumors about devkits being out (usually from rumormongers who are wrong more often than not), the number of people briefed on next-gen is still very limited. Even within companies like, say, DICE, there'll be a small team of engineers who now have a rough idea of specs, and everyone else will know when they need to know. Not a lot of devs are disclosed on next-gen right now.

In other words, don't expect much in the way of substantial leakage just yet. The only thing to know for sure is that both Sony and Microsoft are aiming higher than that "10.7 teraflops" number that Google threw out last week. (And, as has been reported, Microsoft's got a few things in the works.)"

I noticed that NWI didn't offer much details regarding a launch date for PS4/Xbox One. Originally it was slated for Q1 2019. Any information regarding the port was lackluster. It made me wonder if NWI is currently evaluating their stance since the Next gen is coming around the corner.

What I'm thinking here is this. Does anyone remember when Perfect Dark originally came out for the Nintendo 64 back in 2000? While the game was critically acclaimed, the game was released around the same time when the Playstation 2 first launched in 2000 in Japan. While it sold around 3.2 million copies, the game was showing it age and a newer gen was on the horizon. More specifically speaking, the Nintendo Gamecube. If Rare decided to make the platform change from N64 to the Gamecube, it might save itself from impending doom from the old and outdated console.

My thought here is if Sandstorm were to officially launched this year before PS5 and next Xbox launch in fall 2020. I think Sandstorm might be in trouble.

Well, it might not spell out real bad news. Still, I heard that PS5 is rumored to support backward comparability not only for PS4 titles, but PS3, PS2, and PSX titles. For next Xbox, I have no idea if Microsoft might add backward comparability for their next gen console.

Would it be a good idea if Sandstorm would be released for the new gen console? The last time I see a game developer work on a project. I heard Goldeneye 007 was originally meant to be developed for the Super Nintendo. Given that nature that the Nintendo 64 was in development, the team at Rare made the bold decision to move on to the new platform. Unfortunately, the developers at Rare won't be able to get a hands on with the Nintendo 64 development kits. The team decided that they want to estimate what the specification for the Nintendo 64 might look like. The development workstation they used was the SGI Onyx. The Onyx machine was said to exceed the specification requirement for the Nintendo 64. Once the final specification was revealed, the developers at Rare need to make minor changes to the game to ensure it would run faster.

Theoretically, if NWI were to make the platform switch to the PS5/next Xbox. It would be quite tedious for the team to estimate what the specification for the next gen console is going to be. This has something to do with the fact that the next gen console is currently a work in progress. Everything is subject to change, especially for the newer gen hardware. Remember, when it comes to developing game specially on console. The dev would need to understand the hardware architecture and develop game in a specific format.

Every information I offered you for rumors on next gen console is pure speculation. Do take it as a grind of salt if you will.

What do you think?

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I can't say for sure for Sony but I know Microsoft will have backwards compatibility for the new console"s". Forward compatibility I don't know because how demanding the games are getting, I'm sure they'll support the s and the og xbox for a few years after launch of 2020. And I consoles because it's heavily rumored or leaked that their will be 3 or 4 new next gen consoles from microsoft. There's xbox Lockhart which I think is going to be the cheapest hardware version which will have a newer but less tflops wise gpu, but will have the new ryzen custom cpu theyre using for all the new consoles so it'll be a lower price than the competitor and still have pretty good performance. Then there's the xbox scarlet which is rumored to have the ryzen cpu with the same or slightly better gpu than the xbox one x. And last there's the xbox anaconda which is supposed to be around 12 -14ish tflops with the new cpu. I can't say the exact specs and what all else is gonna be in them but if anybody is listening from new world I hope yall are not letting the og xbox and playstation hold the game back from being the greatest it can be for the xbox one x and the pro , along with the new consoles in the future. A good idea would be for yall to get on the Microsoft stage at e3 somehow, in person or in a video and let everyone know about your game and mention that it will be enhanced for the new consoles as well. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if it's cool with focus home interactive. Another thing is aim assist , it should only be in this game for people with disabilities that have to use the new controller designed for people with disabilities. I think I speak for most console gamers when I say we've been waiting for a hardcore realistic shooter. I mean if you look at the bf4 servers just the amount of people that came back and recent spike after bfvs release says alot for a 7 year old game. I've never left it but the servers have alot more people than they did in past few years and it never dropped really low either. People want a realistic military real world conflict based shooter on consoles. Btw I'm new to the forums and the amount of crying and complaining about rifle sights and everything needs buffed and all of the above is sad. If this game isn't fun for you because it's too hard or realistic then it's not your bag. There's plenty of other types of shooters out there.

@humble-warrior Wait a minute, is there supposed to be two console from Microsoft on launch day (fall 2020)? But not Three or four console?

You got the proper specification patted down. One lingering question that still bugs me is whenever Sony or Microsoft is willing to offer backwards comparability day one. But in Microsoft case; it might not be happening anytime soon, though I might be wrong here. If I could recall. A few years after Xbox One was released, Microsoft announced that backward comparability support would allow the Xbox one to play Xbox 360 game, followed by the original Xbox.

It possible that backward comparability support will be added for the newer gen consoles. But it up to the engineering team at Sony/Microsoft to be able to pull it off.

Yeah Microsoft is done with generations. All you games will carry across each platform weather its original xbox games , 360 games , xbox one games. They have already said that and if they don't then everyone will be pissued. Yeah theres alot of 360 and xbox bc games already. And idk about the same release date. Probably