Still have performance issues

Posting this to see what is going on or if anyone else is experiencing the same problems.


i7-7800k ( water cooled)
x299 Asrock Fatality MB
16gb 3000mhz Corsair Vengeance 4ddr
EVGA 1080 Ti ( water cooled)
Samsung 4k monitor
1gb up / 1gb down fiber
We have our own dedicated server, my ping 18-30

I have had many issues since release and after multiple hardware upgrades, the game runs pretty decent now after multiple updates, tweaking however...

I still get huge frame drops 150+ down to 20's -

When we start playing the game runs fine, stays at 90-150 fps, then as everyone gets on the server, we run thru multiple rounds, with each map the game runs worse and worse, yet out of 8 people playing, I am the only one having this issue. My frames then start to get into the 20's - 30's and lags big time / stutters.

I have been thru every setting, both Windows, Nvidia, the game.... tried every setting possible. Wipe, reinstall the game, clean out the APPDATA folder same thing, I just dont get it ???

No clue why this is happening to just me ? on our server

Do you monitor your CPU , GPU and RAM workload and temperatures during gameplay ?
You can use the freeware MSI Afterburner for that purpose to have all those displayed on your monitor while playing.

Is it posible that there is some other software running in backround soaking up all the memory ?
May be some infection by malware or other things like windows updates, antivirus harddisk-check in backround, etc ?
At least it sounds like the problem might be on your PC ( hardware or software related )

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Thanks for the response,

I have tried everything,

Not overheating
Stopped Windows 10 defender
unloaded MSI Afterburning it was causing some lag
Shutdown Windows gaming
Games run better with Precision X1

Not infected ...just dont understand and cant find the solution at all.

Replaced MB, memory, bought 1080 Ti, still lags and stutters...

Hmmm, really weird thing.

I would propose one last thing :
Do you have an old, legal copy Windows 7 ?
Try a parallel installation to your already existing Windows 10 ( you will be asked at each Boot which one you want to start )
I play on Windows 7 and have the impression that the overal game performances are better under Windows 7 ( i might be wrong but it´s worth a try )
By the way do you use a SSD or HD for Windows and Sandstorm ? I really would propose to have an SSD as data transfer rates are sky high with it.

PS : Don´t forget to install a free version of Antivirus ( for example AVAST ) on your Windows 7 installation afterwards because it has no integrated security center / Windows Defender as Windows 10 has. If you just want to play on Windows 7 you normally don´t need an Antivirus program, BUT in cases you forget that you have no safety and start browsing in the internet it will avoid that your system will be infected.

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I am getting the same issue all of a sudden - the thing is I have 125 hours with basically problem free performance & now all of a sudden it is pretty much unplayable.

I updated nothing, installed no new software and all of a sudden my performance just went to absolute dogshit.

I've never experienced such poor performance as this in any game - it is basically broken for me.

Here the same thing happens the more rounds I play the worse it gets
1080 mid to high 180fps up to a minimum of 30
Ryzen 2600x
Vega 56
16gb ram