private "ban" for players

I would love having the possibility to avoid players in future games that made me die unnecessarily (smoke, opening or closing doors when not appropriate, standing in the line of fire, etc) - I cannot say how much this stupid behavior pisses me off, really ...
So, basically, a button similar to the "mute" would be highly appreciated 😂

i like this idea. It is generally called "blacklisting" a player, but once again, i agree.

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Thank you for the suggestion !

Something like the Overwatch "Avoid as Teammate" feature would be great.

It would also be cool if we could have some sort of global ban list/reputation tracking, so that trolls could be cut out by players without needing to suffer through a game with them first.

It's been a feature I've wanted for other games for a long time. And it's part of the reason I've quit a lot of multiplayer games. A lot of accidental play is just people not being very careful, but there's a percentage who just flagrantly get in front of you.

The most obvious trolling is when someone tries to go prone on top of you to take your firing position. It's really annoying, which I guess is the intent, though sometimes it's honestly accidental because the player is fixed on hitting their target and not watching where they're going.

My only issue with such a feature is that there are honest players that a lot of people don't like, and so they'll essentially get "voted out" of games without having done anything wrong simply because they voiced their opinion on players trolling games.

as long as it only prevents them from being on your team, it would be fine