Skalgrim Mod v.1.01 Released

This version focuses mainly on Imperial ships/campaign and Necron ships/campaign. It also adds new ships and is updated for the Patch 3 ("Necron patch") of BFGA2.


V.1.01. Major overhaul of the original game. (+ hotfix)

This version focuses mainly on Imperial ships/campaign and Necron ships/campaign and adds new ships. The Tyranid campaign also gets the increased fleet/battle amounts, but no other changes as of yet as they will get their own version with focus for them later.

Skalgrim mod also changes stats for Ordnances like fighters and bombers, decreases their reload time and makes them better and more worth the points spent on carriers. It changes the stats for weapons, units, and campaign related things. It rebalances the game and makes for several times larger battles by both lowering shipcosts and increasing the amount of points available for both fleets and battles. Fleet sizes grow with levels just as in the original game, but to much greater sizes. You can also have more fleets. It rebalances critical hits, making bigger ships more resistant to crits. It rebalances morale, by increasing the rate at which morale regenerates, and several morale related effects. It buffs many abilities, meaning that your choices matter more as a admiral.I'v rebalanced the difficulty levels for campaigns as well. If you want a challenge, its yours for the taking.

The Skalgrim mod does not strive to be perfectly balanced, but guarantees massive battles unlike that in the original game, including some new content. Balancing and changes are also an ongoing project, so check back for news. Im just one guy working on this mod so don't expect to much. Enjoy the mod? Leave a comment.

Also: A special thanks to CALiGeR_Reborn from the VI mod for allowing me to use their ordnance changes, with minor tweaks, in my mod.


( I started making a real changelog, but gave up after a few hours. I'v changed thousands of things for this mod. From stats to gameplay balance. I don't have the time to keep note of all changes or create changelogs that are several pages long. Instead I'll just add certain details that are worth mentioning. The rest can be felt while playing, or read as stats on the various ships/weapons etc.)

Bugfixes and changes from 1.0:

You can now get past the mission where you have to buy an Escort for Spires fleet. (Increased fleet points to 500)

The Necron Defensive Particle Whip now always does shield-piercing damage and is stated to do that. (Increased reload time to 25 seconds)

Necron Particle whip has been nerfed to 85 damage and 15 seconds reload.

Major Imperial Changes from previous version:

New ships:

Defender, a LC for Imperial Navy (replaces Dauntless mk1) and the Victus Imperialis, a Gloriana Class Battleship. (With current stats and weapons much alike the Macragges Honour Titan, but crewed by Imperial Navy personell.) It replaces the Lunar class cruiser.

Note: You will start out with a Victus Imperialis for Admiral Spire while in the campaign, and despite it being a Battle ship class, it will unlock as if it was a cruiser. There is currently no way to change this, nor the picture that represents it.

(Think using titans in early game makes it to easy? Change Spires main ship, sell the Victus Imperialis, and don't buy it until level 9 when the BS unlocks naturally.)

Major Necron Changes from previous version:

Necron ships are faster, have faster turnrates, higher and faster regen, crewcount, regen of crewcount, better weapons, and can jump farther and faster. They are the OP faction that others should fear. But their ships cost alot more now than any other faction. You will always be outnumbered. "Good" I hear your inner Necron Overlord say, "more chattle to strike down."

New Battleship: Cairn Annihilator. (created from Cruiser Scythe Harrower, it uses this picture.)

This is a behemoth, massive, slow, but with more weapons and range than the standard Cairn. Including the new Weapon Defensive Particle Whip.

New Weapon: Defensive Particle Whip Range 20000. Damage 825. Reload 25s. 360 degree targeting. (Targeting info doesn't show in text.)

Known bugs: Pictures for new ships are still the old ones. They can be unlocked in the campaign as if they were still their old ship-classes. This cannot be fixed currently.
Targeting info doesn't show in text for Defensive Particle Whip. It has 360 degree targeting range.

Download link:

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Wohooo, awesome!!

Haven't started the game since 3.0 broke your mod and have been waiting for this.
Thanks for all your hard work! 👍

@sybarite Rember to give me some feedback as well. I hurried to get the mod out so have not had much time to playtest everything. Enjoy the mod!

@skalgrim-fellaxe Found the first issue! Cairn Annihilator Defensive Gauss Particle Whip Turret has "angle of fire" set to "key empty". Other than that it seems like necron weapons do really high damage, but not sure if it's intended or not.

@sybarite " (Targeting info doesn't show in text.)" Knew about that one.

Also, the weapon damage will be nerfed. There is a problem with that weapon in general, that it still pierces shields, when it shouldn't. There are always stuff like this that comes to the surface.

Ah alright!

I noticed how you buffed turret survivability the previous release, but their damage is still super low or they miss a lot of shots (not talking about necron turrets that have the bugged weapon, but rather imperial/chaos/eldar/ork ones). Perhaps you would consider upping their damage and/or accuracy a bit? They still act as "meatshields" only, barely doing any damage to anything.


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Hotfixed version is up. Solves some bugs and nerfs Necrons a bit. Just re-download/install and you should be good to go.

@sybarite Good suggestion. Will see what I can do about defensive turrets, think I already increased their weapon damage, but will make sure they are a real danger for ships.

yeah ver1.0 necrons was too strong. all of vanilla necron's matter is not a firepower, just hull cauterization and reactive hull is too sucks.

this mod buffed with but hull cauterization and reactive hull, just feels okay with fire rate fix.(lightning arc fire fast and weaker, particle whip fire slow but stronger)

and what about assault craft balance? just 5 minute ago my flagship boarded 97 stacks because assault craft. im okay with it, but normal boarding is not changed, so it feels unfair.

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Not feedback per say, but I forgot to post this from the 1.0 version! Haha. Never seen boarding stack this high before!

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@wastesoftime Currently Im using the VI mods (mostly) stats for fighters, bombers and assault craft. But yes I too noticed that the numbers seemed way of. Should be an easy thing to fix for the next version of the mod. I havn't really had time to playtest the mod that much. But Im going to do that for the next couple of days and apply changes and tweaks to that. Then the next step is looking at new additions of ships and greater changes for the other races besides Imperium and Necrons. Tyranids for instance will get a new version dedicated to them aswell when I get round to playing their campaign.

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@skalgrim-fellaxe That's due to numbers, for example the Shark Assault Boat, there should only be one charge.
Although, 97 stacks is abnormal.

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pretty awesome with the combo of models to create the new necron battleship. What else can be done with combining models and such? I also loved that you threw on the lance turrets for the dauntless.

@neighbor-kid We'll see. There are some limitations. Certain parts have a real impact on the game-code it seems. For instance, the Annihilator Cairn that I'v made cannot (when you use it as a Admirals ship) use two abilities, only one. Im trying out new things with it, but it is a bit limiting. I have a list of ships that I will try to get into the game. A new BS for Imperials. A new Titan/BS for Space Marines and the same for Eldar before I start on the Tyranid-Campaign/ships.