Please remove that ugly end of the world.

Yes I'm talking about this:

Since we have a map to look at and generally we are aware of our position, the red barrier is completely pointless, intrusive and artificially ugly. An invisible barrier at the actual edges of the map would suffice. I say actual because the red barrier also blocks you even before you reach it, like 10 feet away, which is also unnecessary and can cause problems when navigating roads near the map edges.

unless i am mistaken you are on PC yes?

remove this file from your texturecache zip,

now i will have to say i am used to swapping/changing files since i have changed quite a bit, so one extra file for me is no biggie. plus i do have my saved "mod" files. i just copy paste, but i do agree, there really is no reason to have it there in the first place. the invisible barrier does not damage you and it stops you before you get that far anyway.

@8up-local Yes I'm on PC and I also make modifications, both to base files and mods. I just tried removing that texture, but the game handles that by swapping in a default white texture, which isn't an improvement. I suppose one could put in a transparent texture which should hide it. I haven't tried that. But then the invisible barrier which is more inward than the red barrier is still there, so that issue remains. This would be better fixed by the devs, but then again the chances are low.

The barriers should be out in the water. I have no idea why some maps have part of the land cut off.

@unster hmm.... will have to check my files. i thought i just deleted mine. i could have erased the image instead. it has been a while since i have looked into my stuff. i usually just copy/paste the whole set of zip folders when we get updates. lol

I'm not a modder but If you're able to, could you not create or find and reuse a texture for some kid of more visually satisfying barrier like a high fence etc? Then instead of the signs or a white texture you have something more in keeping with the scenery.

Although I know what you're saying, it doesn't bother me so much. It means the rest of the scenery remains realistic and you see from a distance that you are approaching the boundary limit. Still I agree there perhaps could be better ways, i.e. simply through map design, that you could create boundaries but then you will always get someone trying to break through 😉

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@zoglet The barrier doesn't bother me greatly, just a little. I'm just providing more feedback to the devs, in case they want to know what improvements the community is looking for.

The texture is in dds format. I'm not sure I have the tools to make a replacement. A fence texture may not work, since the barrier is animated (the fence would be sliding). A single, invisible barrier at the edge of the map would be the way I'd do it if it were my game.

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@unster bad part is these ideas people are posting are strung through multiple threads. i hope they have their reading glasses. lol

@8up-local I think having suggestions scattered in different threads is actually better because they are separated by topic and are easier to look up. Putting everything in one thread gets messy and hard to read real fast.

I would preffer to have some visual trick to end the map instead. Like a deep forest that there is no way to pass trough.

@deathcoreboy1 I agree. Anything that looks natural and is impassable would be best. But even the land getting abruptly cut off is better than that red texture.

I believe the texture has an alpha layer which can be blocked out to leave a transparent texture around the edge. I actually copied the one I did for ST back in the day which worked without any issues. If any one wants the edited file I can post a link?

I agree with @deathcoreboy1 , there should be a row of dense forest that is impossible to pass. The only possible problem with that solution is when a river or body of water is at the edge of the map, but I guess there could be a work around for that too.

@kingpinn Oh! you're right. Can't think right now a proper way to implement that without making it unrealistic...

I'd be fine with leaving the game as is minus the red barrier. Let the map maker decide what kind of map edge they want. Even a plain edge with nothing visible to block you is fine. Unless you get right up to it, it just looks like a down-slope that you can't see. That's much better than that red barrier that basically breaks you immersion in the game.

@unster Yah, it does not bother me too much but I'd appreciate if the world edges wouldn't be visible.

With that said, I haven't done it, but in theory, if you edit the texture corresponding to the red barrier and erase all color in it, making it basically a transparent square, should make it invisible in game, right? The thing is that you'll need a dds editor. Remember not to paint it in any color, just erase, so you can keep the transparency mask. I used to do it in photoshop with the nvidia dds plugin. Hope I made sense here lol. I met my english limitations with this post. lol

@8up-local said in Please remove that ugly end of the world.:

@unster hmm.... will have to check my files. i thought i just deleted mine. i could have erased the image instead. it has been a while since i have looked into my stuff. i usually just copy/paste the whole set of zip folders when we get updates. lol

@deathcoreboy1 Yes I'd need a dds editor and set the alpha channel to 0. But it doesn't bother me enough to go looking for a dds editor.

@unster @8up-local is offering you a procceded one.

Instead of the giant stop signs, I have patched in a surly black knight who says "None shall pass", if I get too close. 😉

@muddy-hell lol :face_with_stuck-out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Unster is what most use. i use it and it is free too. just have to erase the image with the tool and save. easy peasy 😉

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