Carrier Recall ordnance ability and ordnance UI quality of life tweak.

I think you guys should add a little Recall function tied to the Types of craft for carrier ordnance that functions like a handy short cut and becomes visible when you press the Shift icon. Talking about the key that highlights astroids clouds and most ordanance.

I know each carrier has the ability. But when the fighters are on the way its hard to tell which squad belongs to which carrier.

Also i think the Ordnance Icon should be color coded Green Yellow Red for visual feed back on health because the health bars all pretty much cluster or vanish when all your Planes attack a ship. Instead when your ordnance plops on a ship it gets Tokens that could be projected a little bit away from the affected ship for better clarity so that the player can click on for recall or monitoring health. The tokens will take the color of each squads health.

I think this would improve clarity for carrier fleets and make microing squads easier.

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Thanks for these suggestions, they've been passed on to the dev team! 🙂