[Not a bug] Reinforcements frozen outside of playable battle area

With all of the recent patches any of my campaign battles, whether scripted or normal, I am unable to receive reinforcements. If I lose a ship or have one retreat, the reinforcements spawn outside of the battle area and remain frozen in place. I have yet to try just losing all of my ships to see if it will just create an unwinnable stalemate, but this issue will cripple winning the more protracted story battles.

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Hi, with the new reinforcement system you need to select the shipcard of the ships in reinforcement then make a right click somewhere on the map to deploy them, i hope this helps !

Ah, that did work. The mistake I made was making was control grouping the unit cards and trying to move in the reinforcements with the group. They only enter the observable map when selected and given a command one at a time. I had grown too used to them automatically entering the battle and was baffled when double clicking the unit card did not locate the ships. Thanks.

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