Blackwater Map In progress

Whats up guys, signed up here to get some help with a problem on a map im suppose to release here in the next week or so.

Seems as if all of a sudden my height map got corrupted, noticed this small pocket of missing height. When I rebuild terrain it gets even bigger.

Any fixes? I noticed it after I submitted my mod to workshop for testing.

(Ive since fixed this problem by using a 2 week old height map I had saved, Only had to make some minor geometry changes)

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Mm. I’m not sure but I’ll take a look at your files tonight when I get a chance

BlackWater Canyon coming to MudRunner? Hell yeah! This is my favorite map and the one that inspired me to start making my own maps. 😄

If Risky is unable to help I'd be willing to take a look at files also. I have faith that Risky will be able to solve this though. 🙂

When Mudrunner first came out, I found Blackwater Canyon on Someone converted it already and is on there somewhere.


Yeah, seen that but refused to download it. I'd rather support the original creator. 🙂

Supporting the original creators and not downloading stolen work is what you can do to help stop mod stealing.

yeah thanks for the credit, this isnt the blackwater canyon you all know. its been completely remade from the ground up...the only thing that may look similair is the image you see, even then...its very different, the road layout may be somewhat similair in this picture.

This problem can be marked solved unless you wish to try and figure out what went wrong...I fixed it with a 2 week old height map I had, so i only had to do minor adjustments.

Keep an eye out for this map when it releases in the next week or so

Hey blackwater. I dunno if you got my message on steam but i finished modeling your bricks. I'll UV Map them tommrow and get them in game (which won't take but an hour at most.)


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"UV Map them" nudge nudge wink wink. Stoner code has changed a lot over the years, I'm getting old. 🙄

I’m going to UV Map them to put his logo on there.

New Blackwater's Canyon + Cocaine = Fun Times

@malcolm_tucker said in Blackwater Map, corrupt

New Blackwater's Canyon + Cocaine = Fun Times

Lol right

Blackwater, i've seen that happen to my height fields when i use the modded editor for a bit, then either accidentally load the unmodded editor, or have the modded editor break. First, i'd recommend keeping daily/weekly backups of your _mods folder with your maps in it. When you have a good height field, save a copy as a PSD file just in case the editor flips it to an 8 bit file (which happens sometimes and adds really bad stair steps to your whole map). Finally, try opening you .dds file in photoshop and look for black spots next to areas that are pure white. Sometimes the editor doesnt know how to handle areas of maps that are 100% white (or max height). Try going to those spots on your map and knocking down the height a bit. I'd be happy to look at your .dds file if you want to send me a google drive link. Hope that helps


Looking at the screenshot, hes full height in that area

@Blackwater hey, the issue isnt related to the .dds or any stg file, try getting to that place in the map, the issue is becasue the editor tends to downscale the height maps to values that arent squares (8,16,32,64,128,512,1024) it actually uses random values even for square maps (example i made a 2k res height and got scaled to 853x854 and instantly started having teared areas) Mud runner suffers from this allot lately i wish i knew the answer to this issue but i havent find a way to counter it, i do can tell you that having changes in heights in violent ways thrigers this bug, it has also been reported in the bugs area

@RiskyWisky although its not against the rules you should edit your post of atleast try to hide it in a way

@Forces I usually manually rescale the .dds to either 1024x1024 or 4096x4096 in photoshop right after I create the initial heightmap in the editor. I use the NVIDIA plugin for CS6 and I set the output to the GR 32 bpp : floating point preset using the 16.16f, 2D Texture, Flipped Vertically options- 0_1553709279929_ee2a0ec9-e011-4447-b99e-2ab4fd98b556-image.png

I haven't been having any tearing issues using that in conjunction with the 4G modded editor.


@pix3lmonkey it gets downscaled everytime you recreate the terrain