death by teleporting bots

everybody dies too often, of course. but what I just saw for the first time was a bot disappearing before my very eyes and then shooting me in the head from out of nowhere ...

I watched that phenomenon too !
In coop games it happens from time to time.
I have no idea what triggers that and if it is reproducable but it happened to me twice that a Bot suddenly dissapeared.

All you can do in that situation is runing behind hard cover as quick as possible and listen to the walking sounds.
The Bot will be visible again and try to attack or flank as they always do.

Hello both,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Do you happen to have a clip with this issue?

@chaton unfortunately not; my rig would probably burn up if I tried that; I just so manage to run stable 60fps w/o recording or streaming.
another nice feat I saw recently was a bot that would shoot at me while going down into "the underworld" as if in an escalator (lift). it looked exactly like a 3rd person perspective of what happens to your player character once in a while

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