KB throttle control for auto?

so just when did focus add Force Accel (throttle control on KB) to auto gearbox? just noticed a bit ago while playing. shifter halfway into auto and getting partial throttle. did i miss something in an announcement? or just been ignorant this whole time? 🤔

No those are different gears as in low 1 ,2 and 3

@Jayson sounds like to me you are describing the different throttle positions for gear 1, not automatic. the little boxes that light up along the side of the shift gate.

now i have gone back and tried this again today, but now i get nothing but full throttle again. maybe my game glitched a bit idk, but i knew i had not seen this before, which would make sense if my game did glitch a bit. 🤔

edit: btw i have since noticed you play on console, so when did consoles get Key Board controls?

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The gearbox is the same😂

But I see what your saying