Insurgency 2.0

Just simply wondering if maybe possibly when your done with “Insurgency Sandstorm” (or “Sadstorm” feels more appropriate IMO) can you guys like just port Insurgency Source to unreal or something to that effect. I mean ultimately I would prefer if you just made a different mode that got rid of damage reflection and added AP rounds. The Observer/Commander support shit can go or stay don’t really care (I liked it in DoI but am aware it was not in INs Source) and maybe just add a straight up normal old school vote kick. Something along the lines of what I thought Insurgency SS would be when I read “we will definitely be staying true to our Insurgency roots” or something like that... I know a lot of people will disagree with me and that’s fine they can keep playing this sensitized version but I’m thinking a good chunk of people including the people who are currently still playing Source would enjoy this. Not to mention the large amount of people I talked to playing Ambush pre-SS release who said they would not be buying SS simply because it would not have Ambush... Just tossing this out there hopefully you have a read and obviously I’m am very aware of the fact that this is extremely unlikely but hey sometimes after you pay for a cake you try to steal a slice? 🤔 Hugs and Kisses!

The last thing we need is splitting the already limited playerbase of the same game across two engines. I would prefer they resumed support of Insurgency than ported it to a worse engine.

As much as I'd love that, it wouldn't make sense from a financial point for NWI, therefor it won't happen. Which is understandable.
We just need to fight for what we like in this current game and how we want it.

Unfortunately too many normies took over who don't understand bullets aren't like slaps across the face, but they are designed to kill. Also if anyone ever mentions realism in a game today, he gets crucified for trying to mess up the almighty holy balance.
Even when you explain them in detail, how realism can still be balanced if thought through thoroughly.

@cyoce Lol ya I get that. I was joking more or less.. Just like to toss out there the fact that I feel pretty lied to from time to time in hopes that the devs read it and at least laugh at me and are like look at this fool thinking he was getting a new Insurgency. 🤷♂