[Petition To Remove Damage Reflection]

@marksmanmax Couldn’t possibly bump this more if I tried... Damage Refrustration just plain and simple needs to go...

I agree 100 %
Please NWI develeopers, remove damage reflection !

And we need Votekick again! It worked in Ins:2 for years!

Yeah. I never asked for damage reflection. No one else asked for damage reflection.

I know NWI isn't totally driven by community feedback (as that would be a nightmare), but goddamn. If you're gonna add an important mechanic to fix TKing, at least run it by the community first.

The 3-TK system was a good start. Now, though, the 3-TK system is fucking useless because it's impossible to even teamkill three times.

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Imagine this:

Guy, apparently playing cod or other peasant game, joins your game in insurgency. You are advancing like you do always in insurgency when this guy jumps around you, blocks your fireline and sometimes when fight is intense, boom you headshoot him. Then "team damage has been reflected back onto you" is smacked into your screen. You are like ok, than that guy respawns, greets you like samuel l. jackson and game continues. So this guy is used to block your or any other teammate's fireline, you are fucked cos beside enemies you have to calculate which way does this retard jumps in order to not shoot him. In the end the only thing you can do is leave game, joint another or go back to INS2014.

In conclusion, please do not remove mechanics that worked and please add community maps option in order we could start building community servers with no room for that bunny fuckers. Thx.


Remove it please. I hate accidentally one-shotting myself with a shotgun

#ReBump Dat Shit needs to go!

Don't know why you guys don't like it?
In my opinion it's the best feature to prevent tk.

Because there are better features to prevent teamkills !

By the way damage reflection is the perfect way for trolls :
They jump into your fireline or your grenade explosion intentionally and cause your death.
After your death all you can do is watching him doing idiotic things. You cannot even votekick him.
It´s absurd to keep damage reflection.

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@benny Why not the three-teamkill system? That worked decent enough.

Damage reflection, as @GSG_9_LIGHTNING said, can be used to troll incredibly easily. You can literally sit in a teammate's Molotov and watch the teammate burn to death.

Sandstorm, as Mikee as said before, tries to go for complete immersion. Damage from Allah himself upon shooting a teammate kinda subtracts from that.

@jameri said in [Petition To Remove Damage Reflection]:

You are advancing like you do always in insurgency when this guy jumps around you, blocks your fireline and sometimes when fight is intense, boom you headshoot him. Then "team damage has been reflected back onto you" is smacked into your screen. You are like ok

If you headshot a teammate, there's a good chance you're gonna die first; at least, in my experience. I once opened fire (deliberately lol; he TK'd a guy in our group intentionally) on a teammate and I hadn't done any TK damage in that game yet, and somehow I still died first.

At least I think, damage reflection is way better than the old 3-tk-system.
Here's why:
In general you always have to be aware of your teammates and strongly avoid shooting them by accident. That's realistic on the one hand and helps gameplay in a good way on the other hand.
With damage reflection you have one tk for free. That's okay tho, because it can easily happen in this game by accident. If your hurt a teammate a second time, than you suffer from your own mistake (which is a good thing). It makes you think twice about who you shoot at. If you still make those bad mistakes, you suffer from it and not your teammate.
With 3 teamkill system. You have 3 free tk. No learing effect whatsoever.
Trolls will tk you 3 times and than get kicked. 3 times is a lot in coop e.g.

I hereby officially vote for a return of Votekick.

@benny - your thoughts on people walking into fire, gunfire, purposely standing in support fire where areas are marked with a cloud of colored smoke? People who have such a lust for rushing and capping first that they will walk in peoples support, called in or (molotovs) and kill the teammates whose support it is in the process....zero effs given...(don't derail with overuse of molotovs - if you had no intention fine - that is a separate issue and at no time was it mentioned in the hundreds of deaths ive had due to people behaving this way.)

I get that its quite the conundrum and neither system is perfect but at least with vote kick it can be tracked by usage of votes and personal reputation with said feature. People who vote kick often can be tracked if NWI could implement this and if said player are known to abuse it, that feature can be locked from them couldnt it (aka - ban?) they could track who vote kicks with who in said play sessions to stop people from "hijacking" servers in groups abusing vote kick and trolling.

Edit - In the end reflective damage is the best way to go...the problem remains toxic people turning it into a tool for them. Tracking "trending behavior" from their steam id's is the best way to turn their behavior against them. Let their behavior be our tool. Its the only way I see to resolve toxic behavior in "steam" fps games.

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@max80 @Benny Damage reflection is a silly, unrealistic, fisher price feature that has no place in a so called “realistic” “highly lethal” shooter. Not my quotes. Theirs... One of the biggest immersion/suspense killing features in the game. Needs to go...