Fleet micromanagement - Why does everyone stick to big ships only?

Everyone may have noticed a trend when it comes to multiplayer in this game. Everyone seems to spam large, expensive ships while ignoring cheaper alternatives in numbers. I believe this is due to a simple reasoning, a large ship micromanaged perfectly will always outperform a large number of weaker ships which are performing incorrectly. Essentially the difficulty of controlling a fleet of 10 or more lighter ships will always be impossible due to the micromanagement of each individual ability and system. To sum it up, I think we need to bring back auto-cast abilities. Even if the auto-caster is terrible at its job, it will still be better than doing nothing and allow a larger fleet diversity instead of relying entirely on a small number of expensive ships. This change may allow players to move away from the current, only take 3-6 ships, meta.

Losing the auto-cast really did make this game much harder. Especially in multi where there is no tac cog.

In addition to the easy management of small ship numbers, a lot of people are thinking "the bigger the better" so they take BBs without checking what they bring for their cost.

I think the best exemple is SM BBs vs SM torp cruiser.
1 BB MK1 is almost the price of 3 MK2 strike cruisers but the cruisers bring so much more in terms of torps/boarding actions/map control that I don t understand whysome people still take the BB

@notzerg I don't spam large ships as the opposite is often more rewarding. Hence why the devs in the last two patches have been buffing larger ships and reducing how effective LCs and escorts are.

Auto cast would be redundant and not advisable in a game like BFGA. What are you gonna want it for? Most abillities are direct target and skill shots. Most of the Orders run indefinantly and you can key all units for the same order. It just takes a single click the entire game unless you run into a specific situation where you need to run another stance. Auto cast cant help people with that.

Repairs. Sometimes you want to hold off on a repair be it for X Y and Z reason. Auto cast cant account for that. Next thing you know you wasted a repair to get a weapon running that you didnt need at the time.

Auto cast sucked in the first game no need to bring it back. It will just cause grief when people accidently Boarded a frigate 10 times and then they want to get autocast optimized. Which would be a waste of resources.

I dont think people are spamming bigger ships due to micro. I think some of them just overperform for their cost and even more so since this new patch. They got better troop values, more guns harder to crit, more ramming damage etc etc.

Where small ships are a little more fragile but you can get better map control and dictate battles a little bit better if you play it smart.

The micro needed is more but like bosie said if you beat big things its fun.

And Tac Cog is not needed. Not in ranked atleast. That game mechanic was flawed amd it was cancer inducing.

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@bosie The devs do gotta be careful though. Because it will just end up in bigger is better mentality.

but you got already auto engagement mode...

@lord_kanar yeah. The feature exists. A bit clunky imo though and wouldnt trust it in high level play.

Lack of the option to keep formations and no squadrons for frigates means that its much easier to just spam larger ships, easier to control and easier to match up.

Because there is no punishment for taking large ships, but smaller ships end up being difficult to control, particularly escorts, which is a pity, because I love escorts.

Seriously, even just three groups would be a massive improvement.

@vixie You can make multiple groups within the game.

I'll try it, but as it's in nether the toutorial or in the controls tab, that's on TI for not mentioning it.