Tyranids - State of the Game

With the recent change to tyranid infestation ships and general increase to cost, It's become extremely difficult to have competent multiplayer games.

The advantage of the patch is that the extreme all-carrier builds are appropriately nerfed. Unlimited fleets and boarders did lead to some overwhelming gameplay that few fleets could appropriately counter.

The disadvantage is that, without carrier fleets, tyranids are very seriously hurting for viable builds. A pyro-acid build with the crit chance trait was not effective. The 9k engagement range for most of the ships lead to a lot of dead-in-the-water games where you couldnt appropriately close the distance.
A ram-damage build is also less viable given the reduction to ram damage on line ships, and given how finicky it can be to line up maws appropriately on ships, makes it very situational. In addition, hiveships benefit from the spur ability, but lack maws, leading to fires on board and some early flagship deaths when used.
Tentacle boarding is likewise not very strong, given that these ships lack maws and very susceptible to ramming damage / gunships.

Suggested changes: Revert carrier changes, but make spawning sacs take an entire troop step to replenish in return for three charges?

I dont know why tindalos took the hammer to ordnance as a whole it messed everything up.

Nids unlimited boarding was rediculous yeah but they need to start balancing factions individually instead of making broad but heavy handed changes. Buff ordnance but tweak nids carrier capabilities individually till they are in a good spot.