MudRunner 2

Hi mud runners, based on latest news do you think MudRunner 2 will be released for all platforms as Nintendo switch at the same times?
The switch has been the last porting for MudRunner ๐Ÿ™‚

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unsure, but they should be pretty much be caught up on all platforms now, or at least by the release of MR2.

my concern, how much higher will the running specs be for MR2? after all one of the biggest/selling points made about the game is how low of a demand it puts on the system. i do hope they keep with this idea.

Most likely it will run on Switch as Mudrunner is a type of game where you can afford to dial things back. In terms of system specs things go

PC > XBOX ONE X > PS4 Pro > PS4/XBOX ONE S > Nintendo Switch.

Now the way this gen is set up is that all games that are on the X/Pro must work for the S/PS4, there are no games exclusive to the more powerful hardware. This is a good thing for Switch because most games designed for PS4 can basically be scaled back to medium settings, and made to run on Switch.

We're seen Switch get some pretty impressive games working. I do know some games has had issues with lag, the WWE games failed utterly on Switch due to lag and with those being a precision timing based game, yea timing and lag don't mix.

But overall the Switch has had a pretty good success rate porting games over.

So I say there is a good chance they'll rig it to work on Switch, this just seems like the type of game where you can afford to take liberties and dial things back to make them work.

@8up-local most is based on what will be on MudRunner 2, I hope for a refreshed maps and gameplay and by adding a lot of thing to do in the game as challenges.
I think that the graphic assets is very good and the game show a beautiful landscape and textures.

@justinlynch3 I agree, the mud runner engine is incredible. Believe me, watch running MR on the switch drive me crazy. The graphics and all dynamics are awesome on this little portable device and developers made a great porting.
Depends on what kind of engine is running because UE and UNITY creates a lot of substrate of programming layer that make games very hard to port. Recently i seen some โ€œunrevel2โ€ switch game gameplay (unreal engine) and the porting is a graphical disaster, texture downgrade and mesh downgrade is a classical way to port quickly on the switch system but you must see what is happened on the background! They switched off all shadows and the environment is terrible.
If you see MudRunner on switch, there all effects on the environment and for me is one (or THE) best porting every I seen on switch.

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MR code needed to be specifically proved to each new platform. I have no doubt that part of the reason for MR2 was to allow a full re-write or re-org of the code tree to make development and deployment across all platforms more straightforward.

Saying that, it's still a lot of work to release a software product, if only due to the amount of development, or more likely QA resource available to do final bug test cycles etc.

My expectation would be that the MR2 releases will be in sync or very close together. Initial release intent would be all platforms together, with later releases likely having aspiration target of same, but possibly prioritised by platform importance (based on player volume / revenue) in case of delays or final issues relating to bugs or QA resource.

Saying that, they won't risk losing the revenue of a Christmas release for the sake of a critical issue or two ๐Ÿ˜‰