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-> The M24 has bullets in the internal mag, even on an empty reload.

-> When reloading the Mosin by hand (without a Stripper Clip), all the bullets are invisible.

-> When ADSing, the M24 is mostly on-target, but the Mosin doesn't hold the sights down while bolting. I think this is intentional

  • The Mosin does actually stay on-target with the Hunting Scope equipped. However, the Greased Bolt doesn't speed up the cycling animation at all. Fixed, I think?

-> The scope bugs out at 1:30 in the video (I was using picture-in-picture scopes at the time).

-> In the Firing Range, you can't equip a PU scope on the Mosin.

-> The SVD reload animations bug out with an Extended Mag equipped. When inserting a fresh magazine, your hand goes through the handguard.

  • The animation for doing a speed reload while the SVD is empty is correct. Everything else is glitched.

-> In the Firing range, you can't put a Compensator on the M870.

-> If you empty a shotgun, reload one shell, and then cancel the reload, the shotgun is pumped twice.

These are things I've had happen in-game, but can't replicate:

-> Sometimes, the shotgun pump sound plays twice after each shot fired.

-> Sometimes, the round count for shotguns and bolt-actions bugs out and doesn't display the current ammo correctly.

Youtube Video

-> Shotgun shells and rifle rounds for bolt-action rifles currently don't weigh anything at all.

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Hey @MarksmanMax,

Thanks for bringing these to our attention. I'll pass them on to the team!