New Necron Ships Missing Skills/Craft?

Hello, I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but it seems that the new Necron ships are missing some skills.

The new Light Cruiser, the Sekhem, has anadditional skill (starpulse) which is odd for a light Cruiser. This is relevant because the next ship...

The new Cruiser, the harrower, is missing it’s starpulse. This is rather strange, given the new light Cruiser for one and its basically just a lanceless harvester. A switch up?

The new Grand Cruiser, the scourge, has doom two doom Scythe skills, and is missing it’s assualt boats and bombers. This is strange, given that not only do Necrons have bombers and assualt boats in lore, they also have them according to the unedited copy pasted imperial tool tip. It also lacks starpulse.

Personally, I think there should have been more pure boats for dakka in the update, like a couple of full lance boats or lightning boats to mix up the play style a bit, but since no torpedo like ships were added the true change was going to have to come from carriers. Yet not only is the carrier lacking its bombers and assualt boats, but also can only come as 2max. This is not very helpful. I would have added some lighter carriers, to make it possible to have a true carrier fleet, but that doesn’t really matter because as they are now carriers are just other ships made more expensive for no reason.

Miscellaneous Comments: Necrons still need a corvette and are lacking the cannon ship from BFG the energy drain Cairn. Also, weapons balancing is weird, as the ships get 2 lightning arcs in exchange for a lost lance, despite the arcs being better, abd cost less. Not sure why that is.

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While we are at it I'd also add that 'Lightning Arc Battery Weapons' has its firing arcs messed up. Description states '180° both sides', but it's a pure broadside weapon.

And somehow I reckon this being very old bug, but every new ship features this weapon, so it's reemerged and is even more annoying than before. Anyhow this tricked me into thinking Harrower may be a good ship, but 9k broadside necron fleet would never work.

@doctoryog agreed. In addition, the whole “emergency warp jump” text still hasn’t been fixed for Necrons, and that would take all of 5 seconds to do.