[FIXED] Insurgent Bot Cosmetics Yeeting About

I won't really bother with actually posting a video or screenshots, as it seems to happen all the time for some reason.

Whenever you kill an enemy Insurgent in Cooperative modes (Checkpoint Security) their cosmetic clothing often switches out. In other words, the cosmetics on the ragdoll don't actually match the cosmetics on the alive bot (i.e. I killed a bot wearing a red shirt and the ragdoll had a blue/purple shirt). I haven't seen this glitch happen with Security bots.

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Yep, bumping this one up as this bug is really annoying. Needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
You never can be sure that a sighted bot is down as he changes clothes color in the splitsecond he gets killed.
Always need a voice confirmation of teammates when it comes to identification.

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