Fatal Error since patch 3 on launch

Last night i got a fatal error when finishing a battle and going to the score screen. Decided to call it a night at that point rather than boot up again.

tonight after i installed patch 3 i get a fatal error every time i try and launch the game. I get the title splash and about 30 seconds later the error pops up.

The UE4- BattlefleetGothic2 Game has crashed and will close.

Fatal error!

I've verified my game integrity, and restarted my PC. Short of uninstalling and reinstalling, but i'm hoping there's another solution.

is this a known issue?

Happened to me yes, exactly the same story as me, except it happens when I start the game.

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Hey @Clowater

Thanks for reporting this. Could you please send us your crash log? This would help us a lot in figuring out what is causing this for you.

To get your crash log:
Open 'Windows Explorer' or 'File Explorer' from the taskbar.
Open the Local Disk '(C:)' under 'Computer' or 'This PC'.
Open the folder 'Users' then the folder of your Windows username.
Open the folder 'AppData' (*) then the folder 'Local'.
Open the folder ' BattleFleetGothic' then the folder 'Saved' and the folder 'Logs'.
Right click on the folder 'UE4CC...' and click 'Send To' then 'Compressed (zipped)'.

Thanks @Clowater

Please try following these steps to fix this issue. It seems to be related to players with multiple screens, and we think we have found a temporary workaround:

  1. Go to the properties of BFG2 on Steam
  2. In the general tab, Set Launch option.
  3. Type in "-WinX=0 -WinY=0"
  4. Launch the game again.
  5. Please let us know if it works! 🙂

game launched successfully