Prime example of why vote kick is needed

Video shows as unavailable.

I saw the dev on the reddit thread talk about this and how you should be kind to new players and help them, when the guy in OP's video is literally a 300 ping Chinese player from an internet cafe (steam name is a string of numbers).

Votekicking noobs and snipers who lie prone all game and continue to lie prone even after your team is out of waves, and after the voice announcer says you're out of waves, js a far FAR more effective way to integrate players into the game so they don't end up holding up the game for everyone else. It's like a low form of hazing and has far more emphasis than someone telling you over the mic or in chat.

4 Minutes wasted by one noob is that amount multiplied by the amount of players in a lobby.
4mins x 32players = 2 hours wasted collectively.

Votekick should be brought back to all servers.